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Nonononono. Is it from today? Cause that face means no good. Actually it means hell is going to open tonight. Shit.Public date? Fuck no. Let’s hope not? Fuck

I’m not seeing anything confirming that its from today and i haven’t even seen update accounts tweet the picture yet. But maybe (wishful thinking here) that since he tweeted about it that maybe they won’t get paped going out (if they even actually do). But this was all kind of expected because there been a lot of larry recently so they might play up this date as much as possible :(

  1. legohousedea said: I still hope that the boys would be mia and this won’t happen. But if it does… Let’s just hope it won’t be stressful for the boys. I mean I know that they are very strong buy let’s be honest this game isn’t fun. Never was.
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