I kind of feel like I need to reiterate how awful of a reputation Modest! Management has with its clients

- X Factor, Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, and more have dropped or not resigned with Modest!.

-Rebecca Ferguson is being sued/suing Modest! because of how they over worked her and rarely ever got to see her kids.

Rebecca Ferguson in Twitter tirade against Modest Management

-But i feel like i have to say that One Direction cant do what Rebecca did. Rebecca is not 1/10 as famous as One Direction. Plus there’s a LOT more money involved with One Direction then Rebecca (and Rebecca hasn’t been forced to hide a same sex relationship from her fans. Just sayin).

-Also I find it off that as soon as X Factor drops MM they’re allowed to have openly gay member of a boy band (Jaymi and his fiancé Olly from Union J)

-Now most famous bands, in the span of two years, make an album, tour, and maybe make a music video or two. That’s about it.

One Direction has, in just above 2 years, competed on X Factor, done the X Factor arena tour, made Up All Night, did COUNTLESS interviews to promote it, made 3 music videos, did a full world tour for Up All Night, made Take Me Home, did more of the COUNTLESS interviews to promote it, already has 3 more music videos out, and are gearing up for another world tour.

That’s really fucking insane

-Here’s Louis reaction when Liam says they’d like to thank their management team



-Not to mention how many times the boys have had to look off camera to someone on their team to get a cue from them

Free Radio Interview: 


(best example)

Louis is literally mocking whoever told him to quit acting crazy during this interview.


1.) Louis looks and laughs

2.) Zayn and Louis both looking

3.) Right after this is 


4.) This was right after the interviewer asked about the toothpaste and toothbrushes (which they knew nothing about) and Louis looks and starts nodding at someone off camera and then turns back and says “Oh no, we know allll about the toothbrushes” even though Liam just said “oh really? Thats news to us”. Yea, ok.

- And how many terrible articles are written about One Direction, mostly Harry but more recently Zayn. - This isn’t how it should work. Their team is supposed to control this and not let all these stories get this out of control and practically ENCOURAGE the stories. -It’s frustrating because they can’t do anything about this. They’re literally stuck with Mosest! till their contract expires (which is most likely after their tour ends in November). If they drop Modest! before their contract ends they’ll all get sued (not just Harry and Louis which I think is important to keep in mind). That’s all I really had to say. I’m just tired of all of this shit.

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